About US

Established in 2017, MyBanyan LLC is focused on helping organizations instill a culture of continuous improvement through operational Excellence. We are a team who believe in the Mantra “ Employees are the KEY to success of an Organization” and advocate employee engagement in various aspects of the business. MyBanyan helps you evolve from a knowing culture to a learning culture—from a culture that largely depends on heuristics in decision making to a culture that is much more objective and data-driven and embraces the power of data and technology

Operational Excellence seems easy right, remove complexity, reduce variability, follow the standards and improve your continuous improvement efforts on a more circular basis. Wrong, not easy at all? It takes tremendous amount of effort to engage employees and build a culture of continuous improvement that can execute not on the slogan “Change we can believe in,” but change that produces results, has necessary controls, but ultimately returns a sizable ROI.

MyBanyan helps your organization establish clear requirements and provide employees with real tools and techniques that need to do their jobs right the first time. MyBanyan products 5S, Idea Generation and Gemba Walks provides you with a clear strategy to drive Operational Excellence within an organization along with the analytical capability in tracking, measuring and reporting the key metrics in the areas of continuous improvement. MyBanyan combines the power of cloud computing along with customizable operational excellence tools that will help your organization fulfill dream of employee engagement and continuous improvement.