Idea Generation

Employees play an important role in the success of any organization.

Employee engagement is how enthusiastic, passionate and excited employees are about their jobs and overall organization. It also encompasses how much effort they put toward their work and how loyal they are to their organization. Engaged employees are motivated by more than just money. They feel like a true part of the organization and are emotionally dedicated to helping it grow.

When employees are disengaged, you'll likely notice a decline in the quality of their work, a lack of desire to learn and an overall drop-off in effort. To reawaken their drive, employees must be interested in what they're doing on a daily basis and be challenged by new tasks and projects. Innovation in the workplace is an important employee engagement strategy that not only helps organizations remain competitive, reduces costs and creates value for customers, but also leads to happier and more creative and engaged workers. It's no wonder that innovation is the top priority for CEOs, according to PwC research. A study from Gallup found that teams with high employee engagement rates are 21% more productive. Not only that, but a separate report showed investing just 10% more into employee engagement can increase profits by $2,400 annually per employee. In addition to missing out on these benefits, employee disengagement also puts your company at risk. The Gallup State of the American Workplace Report found companies with engaged employees experience 37% less absenteeism, 90% less turnover and 28% less safety incidents.

How often do you hear from your employees that no one listens to ideas? How often do you hear that they take ideas, but nothing really happens? Does your organization feel helpless that they cannot have an open dialogue with their employees?

MyBanyan is your answer to all those questions. Idea Generation from MyBanyan helps to not only listen to your employees’ ideas but helps you to track and communicate the impact of those ideas to the business.